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Corsages can either be worn on a dress or on the wrist. They are a wonderful addition to any wedding.

Pin-on Corsage

These are pinned to the dress. Usually worn by the bride's mother and close family.

Wrist Corsages

These are a gorgeous addition for the bridesmaids. Choose corsage that complemment the bride's main flower arrangements.

Groom and Best Man Flowers

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If you're really persisitent, you'll get the groom and best-man flowered up with a buttonhole.

Silk Buttonhole

These are what they say they are. A simple flower, placed in a suit buttonhole.

Bridesmaid Flowers

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Bridesmaids are a wonderful addition to any wedding and the sweetest of maids need the most gorgeous silk wedding flowers in order to bring out the best in them.
Silk Bridesmaid Hand-tied Posies

These are just smaller versions of a bride's bouquet. These are best for older bridesmaids.

Flower Girl Posies

These are small, sometimes single flowers on a long wand or a tiny version of the bride and bridesmaid posies and are designed for tiny hands.

Flowers for the Bride

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There are many styles of wedding flowers available for the bride. Here we'll be looking at a few of them. All these are artifical flowers, but the styles are same for both silk and fresh flowers.

Artificial Handtied Bouquet

These are the traditional round shaped bouquets that brides have loved since flowers first appeared on the wedding scene.

Artificial Shower Bouquets

Shower have a long trailing tail of flowers and foilage. They are making a return lately and are an elegant addition to any bride.